• Chia Seeds (34%) Flaxseeds (34%) Almonds (12.5%) Dark Chocolate (10.9%) Popcorn (14%) Dried Coconut Oats (10%) Split Peas Chickpeas Pomegranates (4%) Raspberries (6.5%) Avocado (6.7%) Artichoke Vegetable (Magnesium, Vitamin C,

  • Protein is an important building block of most of the Body Parts. Benefits of Protein: Strong immune defense Improves Muscular Health of your Body Improves Nervous System Repair Cell Tissues

  • A body neither can make vitamin C on its own, nor can store it hence it is very much important to intake the Vitamin C Daily. Vitamin C Enriched Food:

  • Vitamin A Benefits: Helps Bone Growth Maintains Healthy Vision Helps Immune System Required for Reproduction Vitamin A we consume goes to the ‘Liver’ and deposits there, until we need it.