• Lamb Pumpkin Seeds Sesame Seeds or Chia Seeds Spinach Peanuts Almond/Chashew Mushroom Dark Chocolate Soybean Peas Shellfish Meat Flax Seeds Pomegranates Avocados Berries

  • Phosphorus is one of the most significant mineral your body needs. We all know that bones & teeth are made up of Calcium however, Phosphorus is also needed for healthy

  • Protein is an important building block of most of the Body Parts. Benefits of Protein: Strong immune defense Improves Muscular Health of your Body Improves Nervous System Repair Cell Tissues

  • Vitamin B12 is required for keeping nerve system & Blood Cells Healthy and it is Vitamin B12 which makes the DNA, a genetic material in the body cells. It is

  • Chia Seeds (34%) Flaxseeds (34%) Almonds (12.5%) Dark Chocolate (10.9%) Popcorn (14%) Dried Coconut Oats (10%) Split Peas Chickpeas Pomegranates (4%) Raspberries (6.5%) Avocado (6.7%) Artichoke Vegetable (Magnesium, Vitamin C,