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  • Home Remedy for Itching Scalp

    Some of the common Issues with Scalp: Dandruff Hair-fall Itching Irritation of Scalp Cause of these issue can be anything like, Chemical Treatment like Hair-coloring, Hair-straightening, re-bounding done in past. Or if not, please check if you have started to Read more

  • Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

    What is Blood Pressure Blood Pressure is a measure of the force that your heart uses to pump the blood around your body. Systolic blood pressure (the upper number) — indicates how much pressure your bloodis exerting against your artery walls when the heart beats. Read more

  • sleeping habit

    Humans are perhaps the only species that doesn’t get enough sleep. The study says around 40% of the people does not get the required 7-8 hours so sleep. The napping (a brief interval of rest not exceeding 90 minutes anyways) Read more

  • almond benefits

    “Dry Fruits , Nuts & Seeds” Do you know the difference between: (i) Dry Fruits (ii) Nuts (iii) Seeds Earlier I used to think that Almonds, Dates, Walnuts, Raisins, Cashew, Figs etc are all Dry fruits, but I was wrong. Read more