Health Benefits of Lemon

health benefits of lemon

Lemon is one of the commonly used healthy eatables at home. Lemon has a lot of health benefits but at first we would recommend to those who prefer tea/coffee in the morning to avoid it or replace it with the Lemon in warm water to start the day.

The Nutrition we get from Lemon:

• Rich source of Vitamin C
• B Complex Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9)
• Choline
• Calcium
• Iron
• Magnesium
• Manganese
• Phosphorus
• Potassium
• Carbohydrates
• Zinc
• Dietary Fibre

What all Lemon Helps for:

(A) Immunity:
• Boosts immune system
• Helps fight against viral infections
• Drastically reduces chances of sore throat, cold & infection if lemon water taken regularly

(B) Vital Organs & Body Systems:
• Helps to keep vital organs like Heart & Brain work smoothly
• Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases
• Helps calm Nervous system and helps nerves work smoothly

(C) Removes toxins
• Helps liver work properly as lemon reduces toxic chemicals from body
• Reduces Heartburn, Bloating

(D) Decrease Cholesterol levels

(E) Helps in digestion
• Prevents constipation
• Lemon juice in warm water in morning get digestive system moving

(F) Reduces inflammation-
If lemon water taken regularly, it reduces the amount of acid in body

(G) Prevent calcium kidney stone
• Citrix in lemon juice play important role in preventing formation of calcium kidney stone

(H) Treatment for Gingivitis
• Helps in treating inflammation of the gums which is known as gingivitis

(I) Freshens breath
• Lemon helps neutralize bad odors

(J) Helps fight Food Craving
Lemon water supports weight loss- Pectin Fibre found in lemon stops you from feeling hungry

(K) pH level of body
• Lemon play important role in maintaining right pH level in body

(L) Improve bone health
• Lemon also helps in maintaining good bones’ health as it also has calcium

(M) Improves skin quality
Provides glow, lighten scars & age spots, reduces wrinkles & blemishes

(N) Removes uric acid from joints
• This further reduces swelling in joints

(O) Help lessen depression & anxiety
• Lemon juice is a great help on your low days

(P) Natural Antioxidant
Lemon prevents cell damage, by free radicals, in body

Points to Remember:

Don’t brush teeth after taking lemon water as lemon is harsh on tooth enamel. So, brush teeth before taking lemon water.

When you are stressful, Vitamin C level drops. Take lots of lemon water to restore Vitamin C.

People with obesity or high blood pressure with low levels of Vitamin C in body have high risk of heart stroke.

Dry mouth leads to bad breath caused by excess bacteria growth.
Foods like garlic, onion and fish gives strong mouth smells.
Lemon water provides hydration, stimulates saliva and sweetens the breath.


Best time to drink lemon water

Morning at least 20mins before breakfast. It provides good energy boost.
For best results, one should take lemon water regularly making it a daily healthy habit.

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